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Synergy Training Systems have been developed during the last nine years.
Our experiences investigating rain related leaks allowed us to see, first hand, what kinds of conditions resulted in water entering a home. Based on our cumulative knowledge of water intrusion, we've developed strategies to solve the installation problems we observed on a daily basis.

Over the past nine years, we have trained over 1000 window and door installers in various training scenarios, both on-site and in corporate settings. While the classes were successful, we were unable to reach out to as many folks as we'd like due to cost and logistics. Many times the cost for a day of training was outside of the range that a single installer could afford. This web-based eLearning system resolves these issues.

Going to an online system allows us to dramatically cut the cost of the certification and provides the installer with the convenience of anywhere-anytime training. For each lesson, we have prepared a set of training videos that rely upon our experiences in owner-occupied homes that leak. We teach you common sense methods and techniques that STOP rain related leaks due to window and door installations. Our techniques utilize materials that are already on today's job-sites and do not require new materials that you can only buy from one manufacturer.

While we may not push any one product or manufacturer in our traning videos, we do identify products and materials that we like. We then tell you how to correctly use these various products in ways that they will be most effective.

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Enroll now by choosing a training course from the menu below. We want to help the construction industry solve its training issues and always appreciate your feedback in doing so.

-Gene Summy, President TLS Labs / Synergy Certifications


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"I recognize Gene Summy's knowledge and passion, and appreciate the years we've worked together. His experience with windows, weatherproofing materials, and installation methods has helped our trades and field personal understand the critical quality requirements for window performance and installation into the exterior weatherproofing system of a home. The TLS Team has worked with our field construction staff in a productive and collaborative way. I compliment Gene Summy and the TLS Team for their contributions to the homebuilding industry."

Robb Pigg
Vice President of Operations
JF Shea Company